Doug Cantill and Janelle Cantrill
Founder and Director

Doug and Janelle Cantrill are the founders and directors of Spotfire Ministries, a cross denominational missionary mentoring ministry. Their vision is to mentor missionary teams of indigenous and non-indigenous people to reach out, teach, disciple, equip and encourage others in the work of the ministry that they have been called to do. Doug and Janelle believe that prayer, the Word of God and walking in the fulness of the gifts of the Spirit are central to effective Christian ministry.

Welcome to Spotfire Ministries

Spotfire Ministries is non-denominational and works in association with Indigenous Ministry Links and Cross Roads Christian Church Palmerston, Northern Territory.

    Spotfire Ministries focuses on three main areas of ministry:

  • Teaching
  • Discipling
  • Empowering

Our Vision

Our vision is to teach God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit and to mentor, disciple and empower God’s people to reach Australia and the nations as an inheritance for God’s Kingdom, enthroning Jesus Christ as King.

Mission Statement

Spotfire Ministries is a Gospel-centred ministry focusing on teaching, discipling, mentoring, equipping and empowering pastors, leaders and Christian missionaries in Kingdom living and Kingdom building to bring glory to Jesus Christ.




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